How to Get Results at INLINE Group Fitness

8 03 2013

Thank you for making the opening of INLINE Group Fitness a success! Many of you have been working hard and getting wonderful results.  In fact, the report card overall is excellent! Yet, some have done better than others.  So we think now would be a good time to share their success stories with you.

Without a doubt those students who have cross trained through all the classes have shown the most improvement in weight loss, flexibility, muscle length and tone, and ability to do high level exercise with great form.

This was acutely demonstrated in our most recent INLINE Evolution class series.  The INLINE Evolution series includes the most effective training moves from our Booty Call, Barre Fit, Pilates, Yoga, Hi Intensity Interval Training, and Sculpt and Tone classes.  The New Year Evolution consisted of 3 hours of training each week for 6 weeks.  Therefore, it has been the perfect test of what you can achieve with regular attendance and variety at INLINE Group Fitness.

Here are just a few of the results from the first Evolution group:

The participants looking to lose fat mass lost an average of 9 total inches on the arms, chests, waists, hips, and thighs!  Overall the group increased their core strength measurement by an average of 60% and their back and hamstring flexibility by an average of 4 inches!

Not only did they look and function so much better on the outside, internally they dropped their systolic blood pressure by an average of 8 points, their diastolic pressure by 5 points, and their resting heart rate by 6 beats!  Now as they continue into the spring (either taking the Evolution again or by attending a variety of classes using their unlimited monthly membership) they will perform optimally and get the most from every moment at INLINE.

These are some amazing results, and demonstrate the effectiveness of using the cross method training at INLINE Group Fitness.  You must address all areas of your fitness if you hope to achieve any one of your goals.  Putting all your eggs in one basket will not realize your dreams.  We all know the areas in which we slack and avoid, and only by addressing those deficits can we hope to better ourselves.

What does this mean for you?

Even if you cannot join the Evolution series you have the recipe for success at INLINE Group Fitness.  It is as follows:

1.) At minimum come to 3 classes per week consistently.

2.) Arrange your workout schedule so that you can do a variety of classes to gain the maximum complementary benefit.  If you are unsure what would work best (and everyone’s schedule is so different) then ask us! Just email and we will get right back to you with a recommendation.

3.) Ask to receive our weekly meal plans and recipe announcements! Without a proper dietary guidance your results will never be what they could be! This subscription is just a $10 monthly fee.  Click here for more info or to sign up:

So how do you make sense of the class schedule and determine what is the best way to achieve your goals? First, you should understand that each class has it owns benefit but also has a complementary benefit.  For example: being better at Pilates makes you better at Barre and vice-versa.  Here is how it breaks down.

Pilates & Pilates with Props

Pilates is essential to your absolute core strength and flexibility whether laying down or standing up.  Every professional dancer that has spent endless hours at the Barre knows that Pilates is the essential conditioner for Dance and Barre.  It allows them to excel at their art.  Without the ability to truly lengthen your muscles (especially in your midsection), control your spine, pelvis, and achieve better flexibility the results from doing Barre alone will be limited.


Yoga is the be all end all of achieving  great flexibility that will allow you to go deeper into your core during Pilates, and get the most from small motion exercises that require balance and endurance in Barre.   It will also strengthen your ability to hold plank positions used in all the classes.

INLINE Booty Call

This class is an extremely effective leg and butt toning program and is the secret to the fantastic results we get at the private studio. The key is to isolate and completely fatigue lazy butt and inner thigh muscles and stretch your upper thighs so you can maximize your benefits from Barre and Hi Intensity Interval Training.  It complements the shorter isolation movements of Barre Fit by working you in longer fluid muscle contractions and motions.  Imagine a dancer moving gracefully across the floor and with ability to leap, that’s why they look so great! Like Pilates, it lengthens and strengthens at the same time so your entire form takes on a sleeker shape. Though you maybe sore for several days after your first time, the results will settle in and you will be back for more!

Hi Intensity Interval Training

HIIT will challenge the upper limits of your cardiovascular conditioning and recovery ability.  By being more fit you will be able to push yourself deeper in all classes and never feel like you are running out of breath or having to stop early from too much muscle burn.  You will be able to hold off  fatigue and get more work done in all of your class and recreational activities.

INLINE Sculpt & Tone

This class teaches you the methods of resistance exercise used in Barre Fit, Pilates with props, and Booty Call.  Being able to obtain proper form and isolate muscles is essential to success in all the classes and truly getting tone in all the right places without bulking up!

Barre Fit

Barre draws from the benefits of dance, Pilates, and muscle sculpting combined into one class.  The small motion and isometric dancer exercises done at the barre are great for isolating muscles in the legs, hips, and thighs.  The mat work complements and draws from Pilates and provides an active rest from the Barre as you proceed.  Each instructor also adds in upper body resistance exercises making for a well rounded class.

The INLINE Evolution

This series fuses elements from all of the classes and adds recreational athletic conditioning and team building.  Taught by two highly knowledgeable instructors the intensity and variety remains high while you receive individual corrections and modifications from the free instructor.  Attending one of these 4 or 6 week series will give you a huge jump start on your goals and accelerate your results from future classes.

The INLINE Difference: Avoiding the Far Right & Left

23 01 2013
Lengthened Resistance Training at INLINE with Josh Kirk

Lengthened Resistance Training at INLINE with Josh Kirk

For 18 years I have pursued individual truth and success in exercise for thousands of clients. Whether you are searching for the perfect shape, recovering from orthopedic injury, or just beginning in fitness I will help you establish a personal relationship with exercise that will transform your body shape and function. I began my career with a B.S. in Kinesiology, a C.S.C.S, and a specialty certification in post rehabilitation exercise. Well before graduation, and for years afterwards, I worked thousands of hours in prestigious sports medicine clinics side by side with surgeons, physical therapists, and athletic trainers on a population that ranged from acute post-surgical cases to pre-Olympic games conditioning.

After intense study of myofascial line and alignment theory, Pilates, Yoga, body building, and athletic conditioning I developed a unique training method called the INLINE Art of Exercise. Since 2004 this technique has been used at INLINE Private Training to create amazing outcomes for clients.  In fact, the INLINE method has now reached a point of popularity that it is being copied!  Thus, I feel it important that I distinguish INLINE from its imitators, and demonstrate the method’s continual positive evolution.

My position on the “far right” of personal training programs has been well established.  By “far right” I mean authoritarian training regimes that steam roll clients with formless and repetitive boot camp style training.  These programs can often create short and long-term orthopedic damage through excessive compaction.  See my posts entitled “Before Choosing a Trainer Consider This” and “How Thighs Get Bigger : Run, Squat, Jump, & Don’t Stretch” for my thoughts on these unbalanced, high intensity, and low grace programs.

However, there are also “far left” trainers that are equally culpable in creating problems for clients.  They trend towards overly lengthening and destabilizing joints, tendons, and muscles, thus predisposing clients to injury.  The effects can be quite dangerous when trainers meddle too deeply in a client’s support structure in search of a magical release.  The “physical leftist” also dampens physical load capability and their client’s confidence that they can perform exercise with intensity, speed, strength, and resultant power.  Impact becomes a thing to be feared and shunned instead of negated through practiced grace, strength, and length. Lost inside a pure alignment labyrinth they turn their clients into puppets on a string with no hope of  a true fitness evolution.

Results are extremely short-lived when you reduce everyone to set of problems that can only be treated by fatiguing them with limited, isometric, or constantly halted motion. The human body was meant for more than slow motion isolation training and stretching (especially passive).  This is simply adapting “sedentary training” into your “sedentary lifestyle”.  Even challenged clients should strive for more than just a mythical absolution of their pain, and trainers should not placate and coddle them unnecessarily.  Less is more only until the point of adequate balance and redirection from bad habits.  Then you must dig deep, increase your work ethic, pain tolerance, and proceed towards truly enhancing your work load and recovery capacity.  The methods of Powerlifters, Olympic lifters, bodybuilders, strength and conditioning coaches, (and yes) drill sergeants all have relevance in the physical enhancement of the human form.  But only when applied appropriately, with grace, at the right time in a client’s development.

A truly great trainer has the ability to be a chameleon that can quickly change methods and intensity to meet a client’s needs. They must safely allow for error in form that makes room for learning and adaptation.  It is often the hard-fought mistakes that create results, not a final act propped up with training wheels. If  you’re caught in a perfectionist alignment conundrum then you will continually spend your time chasing down pain, stress, and the illusion of its absolution.  Meanwhile you will become weaker and lose sight of your original goals.  The INLINE art of exercise allows you to achieve appropriate orthopedic balance quickly, and then move forward with the positive evolution of your fitness.

If you are walking away from your workout without feeling like you had one, if you are not sore, if you do not sweat, if you are not losing weight, if your time and money is being wasted with excessive instruction then key components of your fitness are being “left” out.  You need change just as badly as the person being thoughtlessly pounded into the ground by their trainer.

Using the INLINE art of exercise it is possible to work at high intensity, feel strong, lengthen and tone, lose weight, heal injury, and better your posture with rapid efficiency.   But only the right combination of exercise that is neither “right” nor “left” will allow you to achieve this.  INLINE is this perfect balance and will advance your true physical evolution.

Join the INLINE New Year Evolution!

11 12 2012

Gallery-3677It’s time to figure it out!  You have no choice but to evolve if you wish to be happy.  You must make a choice to take control and be someone different.  That difference is a person free of the guilt and unhappiness that surround your relationship with your body, pleasure, and pain.

Pleasure and pain guide most of your behaviors and they will not go away.  The only way to not let them affect you negatively is to combine and balance them.  Cookies and Exercise can both hurt so good!  However, if you have a huge food and drink pleasure debt to pay off, you will have to pay forward with some serious exercise effort to reach a place of balance and moderation.

How you will do that?  First word effectively, second word safely, third word INLINE.  If you are going to put yourself through a total body rehab why not come out of it with a beautiful backside, a longer waist, and elegant shoulders and arms?  Why not walk taller, look longer, and function better than ever? Why not use the most effective techniques with the most talented and experienced trainers in the city?

Luckily you can RESOLVE TO EVOLVE in 2013.  Join the INLINE New Year Evolution! 6 Weeks of holiday belly bashing, waist line shrinking, butt lifting workouts taught by Josh & Heather Kirk, owners of INLINE & guest starring members of the INLINE Training Team.  Starts Jan. 14th ends Feb. 23rd Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 8am. $249 For all the details click here

Email to sign up, for more information, or to attend our free trial Sat. Dec. 15th at 10am at INLINE Group Fitness 720 S. Montford Ave. Baltimore, MD 21224

Announcing INLINE Group Fitness!

22 10 2012

I just need to take a moment to say how incredibly excited I am to be opening another studio in Baltimore!  Not only do I get to engage in this project with the love of my life Heather Kirk, but INLINE Group Fitness is our chance to help a much wider array of people of using the INLINE principles.  It has been a dream of ours for years to provide exercise to kids that teaches them flexibility,  posture, strength, and balance.  In addition to adult Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and Toning classes, our children’s programs include Tiny Tots Yoga, Mommy and Me Exercise, and Children’s Ballet.  We will also be designing INLINE Adult & Kid’s Conditioning  for sport!

The studio is now open at 720 S. Montford Ave. Baltimore, MD 21224 at the Canton / Fells junction.  Seconds away from INLINE Private training on Boston St.  It is 3,300 Sq. ft. of gorgeous lighted studio space.  Studio A & B use specially designed bow flex hardwood and cork flooring that is beautiful and resilient.  It’s perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Dancing, and Conditioning Drills.  It actually feels good just to walk on!

Our new array of instructors are gifted, experienced, and excited!  I know I am biased but there is no doubt that Heather teaches the best Pilates class I have ever seen.  You will get worked and you will laugh (and cry)! Julie is the consummate dance pro and  has adults and children snapping in line with a smile 🙂 for dance and Barre Fit, I am working up to taking that class.  Sarah C. is an absolute Yoga guru teaching pre-natal, mommy & me, tiny tots, and beginner to advanced Vinyasa.  Ok, I didn’t want to believe it but Zumba is awesome.  Sarah V. is irresistible, she brings incredible energy to the groove and the class.  You will dance and you will safely burn MAJOR calories.  Don’t be shy, the INLINE sound system (as usual) is bringing the bass and keeping you moving. Kelly rocks your body teaching High Intensity Intervals (done on the expansive cushioned cork floor) and brings her personal training skills to bear for INLINE Strength & Toning!

Click here for the class schedule, you will not be disappointed, there is nothing like this around.  See you soon!

Fitness Industry Letdown

2 07 2012

Who is going to take responsibility for the failure of the fitness industry to keep Americans fit?  Do we face too grand a foe, is that the excuse?  Is the power of food engineering, television, video games, and the internet too strong a force to be counterbalanced?  Something is completely wrong because the fitness industry is scoring less than 40% for keeping anyone in just basic shape, never mind healthy.  Things have needed to change for a long time but we just keep repeating the mistakes of the past, allowing “insanity” to replace good judgment.

Why do fitness professionals follow industry trends so that they fit the celebrity trainer mold, swallow dogma, and regurgitate failing approaches?  Why are people’s personal relationships to exercise and their bodies hijacked and supplanted with the latest images, tips, tricks and ridiculous high intensity “kick your ass” programs from the fitness media empire?  Because the voices of those who buck the system threaten its profits even as it fails to deliver the goods.  Thus, originators are silenced under the flood of propaganda from the powerful and wealthy fitness establishment.

Think about it…the more we are kept in the dark about what it really means to have a knowledgeable positive relationship with exercise; the riper we are for the picking.  The myth of “spot fat reduction” alone is responsible for billions of dollars of fitness sales.  The promise of athleticism as the key to your personal fitness rakes in even more!  Who can deny that the current fad of linking personal fitness with Cross Fit games and MMA fighting is just the another attempt to cash in on ego driven competition and lack of knowledge about our bodies?

Certainly some of these models produce results, but look at the numbers, is less than 40% acceptable?  I would argue that many more people are turned off, alienated, and feel weak and worthless when they cannot “just do it”, wind up injured, or get funny looking results.  With over 60% of Americans over-weight or obese the numbers support my argument.  Yet, the fitness industry continues to make an enormous fortune, even as it loses the war.

I would like to think I have at least some part of the solution.  The INLINE Art of Exercise steers people away from unbridled consumerism, teaching them that due to our absolute individuality in bodily structure, emotional balance, and motor coordination, each of us must define our own unique and sustainable relationship with exercise.  Before you begin or advance a fitness program, think about these things:

Body Structure: We all have singular shaped bodies that react differently to the same exercises.  What works for one person may not work for another.

Emotional Balance: Our emotions allow words, images, and people to motivate or de-motivate us.  They create desire for change and our internal discipline or lack thereof.  We all have a different emotional balance.

Motor Coordination: Some people are born jugglers and tight rope walkers, others are not.  Some also have excellent form, balance, and muscular tension that allows them to get better results and guard themselves from injury.

Sustainability: It is difficult to work out or maintain motivation when you are injured. Training through deep joint and connective tissue pain creates negative results. Pounding your body needlessly shortens your exercise life-span.  Because of our unique body structure some people are more prone to injury and have shorter exercise life-spans.

Most importantly, it is the health of your joints and surrounding tissues that brings to balance all the disparate notions of fitness and working out.  As soon as it is compromised your body machine begins to weaken, ache, and become susceptible to more damage. The entire point of “lifetime fitness” is to strengthen your machine and keep it running optimally for all the days of your life. Burning out your engine early with unbalanced approaches will defeat this purpose.

Taking the time to educate yourself and form a personal relationship with exercise will keep you healthy, balanced, and free of subliminal fitness industry control.  Otherwise your attempts at fitness will only last as long as the fad does, until you get injured, lose the big game, or get your butt kicked by someone better than you.  Then you will be searching for a new relationship to exercise, only to find yourself sucked into the next fad instead.

Getting Off the Fitness & Fat Roller Coaster

29 05 2012

Why do You Stop Exercising?

Here are a few common experiences that can put a halt to it. Jane poured her heart into a routine with good intentions, but never found just the right thing and gave up. Susan found the exact wrong thing for her body shape and alignment. Lacking results, nursing aches and pains, and feeling bulky rather than fit she got turned off and stopped!

What you, Jane, and Susan may have in common is the lack of a personal connection to exercise that is grounded in your personal body image. Into this void has flowed a torrent of quick tips, non-specific information, bogus claims, and sales images. Feeding off of your insecurities and competiveness, your rational mind has turned into a consumer mind. You may have forgotten to connect the dots back to you. The INLINE Art of Exercise will provide you those dots.

Fat Can Make You Irrational

Do your anxious attempts to rid fat from your body like an alien parasite make you act irrationally? During the thousands of hours I have spent with clients, fat has revealed itself as the greatest unbalancing obsession.

The story very often goes like this:

Despite the reasons Jane at first allows fat into her life, its mere existence drives her to extreme emotional lows and calorie highs. It compels drastic self punishing solutions that reprimand her over indulgent inner child. Sometimes it sends her to an authoritarian figure for boot camp workouts.

Even if she gets results, the fat disguises them and she can’t enjoy exercise because she feels she has to flog herself over her lack of perfection. Each and every time she looks in the mirror and sees that fat and her imperfect body, she changes her exercise plans in search of a faster solution. How can any rational decision be made while this cycle is occurring? So I provide Jane a revolutionary way of seeing herself that stops the insanity. I will do the same for you.

Fat vs. Girth

Much of the girth of your body under the thinner top layers of fat can be overly enlarged muscle and tissue called fascia. Fascia combines with muscle in response to overuse and creates regions of thick and immobile tissue. It also tends to make muscles look bumpy and bulky. Amongst other areas, it is extremely common on the tops and side of the hips. Once you understand where and how your body naturally bulks up and why, you will be able to make exercise choices that give you total sculpting control.

Momentary Suspension

So let’s suspend the fat issue for the moment. Just long enough for you to become motivated by the amazing changes you can make to your true body shape, if you focus and have some patience. Once you are on the right path, we will then decide the best combination of resistance training, aerobic exercise, and nutritional habits that will keep you trim, INLINE, and in the game.

How Thighs Get Bigger: Run, Jump, Squat, Lunge, Don’t Stretch

30 04 2012

The female hip flexor and upper quad muscles have an amazing ability to produce power and (to many women’s dismay) girth.  In the majority of modern weightlifting programs and classes, and on the well pounded sidewalks of every major city the upper thigh dominates in motion.  It becomes thick and knotted, and shuts down effective use of the lower stabilizers of the knee, the hamstrings, inner thigh, and butt muscles.  One of your friends may possess the notorious thick thigh flat butt outcome.

As the quad/hip flexor group becomes stiff and glued on its lateral edges to the IT Band it exerts terrific pressure on the knee, changes the knee cap tracking angle and contributes to “crepitus” – otherwise known as “crunchy-poppies”.  Every day I release another woman from the “grip” of her upper thighs, flatten her front, and retrain her how to use her other leg and butt muscles without bulking her thighs.

The correction techniques are many but first you should learn how to PREVENT the problem.

Disclaimer:  This program is a facetious example of what NOT TO DO. It is an amalgam of the many crazy behaviors I see every day and often rescue people from.  Take these 10 steps to blow up your upper hips and quads like a power lifter, tighten up your IT bands so bad your knees buckle in, and if you’re lucky give you “cankles” in the process!

1.) Begin by waking up tight from yesterday’s run and workout, skip a stretch, and drive to work during rush hour with short hamstrings and tensing your quads in response to the stress.

2.) Sit at your desk all day with shortened hip flexors and hamstrings and in slumped over posture.

3.) Drive home from work in rush hour traffic, squeeze your quads some more, and pump that brake foot extra hard.

4.) Change into your running clothes, skip a stretch, and run to your gym with the same muscles you have been shortening all day.  (Ignore the pain creeping up your shins into your knees and back)

5.) Get to the gym and start with some weighted squats, followed immediately by power box jumps, and then weighted medicine ball squat tosses. (Or just do Cross Fit)

6.) Grab the dumbbells and start walking lunges being sure not to use your butt or hamstrings in the movement, focus on the searing pain in the middle of your hip and quad.

7.) Lay on the floor (or use the hanging leg raise chair) and do straight leg raises with minimal abdominal activation and pulling mainly with your hip flexors.

8.) Convince yourself more is better and skip any kind of stretch in favor a few more walking lunges so that you can have dessert later.

9.) Go home and eat your dinner and your dessert.  Then convince yourself that the pain of the walking lunges has to be worth two servings and have a second!

10.) Go to bed without stretching and feeling guilty about your second dessert serving.  Set your alarm early for a morning run to try and burn it off!  Go Back to 1.

For a great alternative example of what TO DO for long lean balanced legs see the video INLINE Slider Exercises for Butt, Hamstrings, & Inner Thighs

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